Name:  Aaron Rose

                                                                                                                 Party:  Republican

                                                                                                        Residence:  Mars, PA

       Occupational field:  Human Resources/Labor Relations

                                                                                                         Education:  SRU, B.S. (Psychology)

                                                                                                                              IUP, M.A. (Industrial & Labor Relations) 

Thank you for visiting my site!

In the past few years (in 2020 especially) I noticed the impact that School Board policy had on parents, students, and the community.  I'm very fortunate to live in a district where students are at the center of each policy decision, and I am eager to be a part of the policy-making process.

If elected, my chief goal for the district is that we continue to live out our mission:  to create and sustain an educational environment that allows all students the opportunity to realize their maximum learning potential.  

In my opinion, the most pressing issue facing the district is the upcoming district infrastructure project.  The current Board has been both deliberate and transparent in the planning phase of the project (SEE NEWS SECTION.)  I look forward to being a part of future phases of the project. 

I believe that my dedication to family and the community, paired with my Labor Relations education/experience, make me uniquely qualified to advance the mission of the Mars Area School District. 

UPDATE:  We won!  Thank you for your support!  Make sure to check back often to track my progress!